Aesthetic Dentistry

At Lincoln Smile Centre, all treatments are provided in such a way that they are sympathetic to the aesthetics of natural teeth. Our focus is on a healthy smile for you and your family.

Aesthetic dentistry beyond what is required (such as aesthetic crowns / veneers) can be considered by both you and your clinician to ensure they’re right for you.

Invisalign and Composite

Our dentists can safely replace silver amalgam fillings with white tooth colour fillings, this can be combined with tooth alignment (e.g. invisalign)

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Gum Contouring and Aesthetic Restorations

Restoring the natural appearance of your smile

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How we’ve helped our patients and how we can help you.

Mrs. A. Hall

After years of sleepless nights before visiting a dentist I now look forward to my dental visits. The staff are professional, friendly and most of all caring. I love getting photographs taken now and smiling comes naturally as I have had extensive work completed on my teeth. This is due entirely to my confidence in my Dentist, Dr Niel Bosman and his excellent team. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending him to my family and friends.

Mrs. R. Day

Dear Dr. Bosman,

Thank you so much for your most professional and dedicated treatment which I have received, your professional yet sensitive approach towards the treatment always assures me that I am in good hands. There are so many very talented and skilled dentists, but I believe that the most important aspect of being the best dentist is not only the technique but also the sensitivity to understand the patients and the treatments….

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